Every couple's story is unique and I love documenting it a true-to-you way. 

It is my goal to document the love surrounding you on your wedding day and create an heirloom that can be passed down for generations to come.

Hey! I'm Sylwia Hoppe and I’m a wedding photographer based in Connecticut, USA. 

My adventure with wedding photography started when two of my friends popped the BIG question: “Will you photograph my wedding?” With dedication, commitment and all the faith the couple had in me, I ventured to capture their once in a lifetime moment. This experience gave me motivation and helped me to fall in love with wedding photography and everything related to it. That’s how Fotostory (my previous business name) was born. I do what I love and it’s wi
thout doubt I can say I am very fortunate: I connected my passion and work.

I believe that there is beauty to be found in everyone and everything. Each wedding is full of its own special moments and my aim is to create beautiful and intimate imagery that you can treasure forever. My work is inspired by natural light, nature, thoughtful details and people who are deeply in love.

Alongside my love for wedding photography, I love capturing architecture, and traveling to far-flung places to capture life, just as it is. I have strolled the Great Wall of China, sipped tequila in Mexico, sat on the edge of the Grand Canyon, riding horses on Mongolian step, watching penguins in Southern Patagonia and dancing Samba in Rio de Janeiro .

I feel so honored to capture your history and your story. Do we sound like a match? Then let’s get chatting.

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